Later the night time, While you are Luke sits external on the deck, Stefan, Elena, Damon and Caroline play charades in to the

Damon reacts asking the girl what are you doing, and you will Caroline tells your that once the Tom died and you can Stefan and you can Elena could be the history doppelgangers, now he could be with romantic visions along with her, Damon try aggravated and says to her to locate an effective witch instantly and you will drive the woman to help you his family, he hangs up the mobile.

Caroline gets to the brand new Salvatore house or apartment with Elena, Enzo reveals the entranceway inquiring this lady for the witch, but Caroline tells your that they said they’d label the lady and you will that they failed to say they’d pick her up, it go into the household and you can Damon appears, he greets Elena as well as manage an awkward quiet, Enzo asks for exactly who can use a drink on the collection and you can Caroline reacts positively and you will complements your.

With what Lays Below, Damon is through Caroline regarding the cabin, the guy makes products and Caroline dinners on the maraschino cherries if you’re writing off encourages to possess charades into the slides regarding paper, the woman is planning a casino game to enable them to spend the nights in the cabin, Caroline is apparently disturb while the she believes that things are taking place between Stefan and you may Elena once again, Damon thinks that it is something in the Enzo however, Caroline try suspecting it is one thing romantic between the two, they’re talking following Elena and you will Stefan enter into to the cabin, they were providing firewood out of the lost along with her, they appear to be most suspicious and you may Stefan leaves, Elena immediately follows him, right after which Damon speaks from inside the a reduced sound in order to Caroline, telling this lady that is time to brand new games begin.

Caroline requires what is happening and you may Stefan states you to nothing

Elena mimes if you find yourself Stefan attempts to guess, Caroline is really serious and you can innovative, she appears to be disturb with Stefan and you will Elena. Damon find that is time for you to gamble « have-not We actually ever », Elena maybe not consent but Caroline was enthusiastic about the idea, they begin to play and you may take in, immediately following of many products Caroline says that she have-not she ever before kissed an effective Salvatore sibling now, making a secondary so you can Stefan and you can Elena, all of them in the an awkward quiet, she requires if they’re attending take in or perhaps not, Elena query in order to the woman when the the woman is implying something however, Stefan interrupts stating he wants to manage another round, Damon declare that never have he actually ever lied on where Enzo are, each of them shop around at each almost every other in the quiet. Damon and you can Stefan start arguing and you may Elena says you to definitely she’s drunk and you can really wants to go to bed, she makes.

During the Resident Worst, Caroline calls Damon but Enzo picking up Damon’s cellular telephone and you may instantaneously reacts, Caroline requests for Damon and you can tells your one something is going to the ranging from Stefan and you can Elena

Caroline and you may Stefan was these are Enzo’s death and you may Damon appear telling her or him you to definitely Elena just informed so you can him the scenario and you will Caroline is surprised as the guy failed to know possibly. Stefan informs him or her which they you may discuss one to different day but Damon is disappointed about it, Stefan claims that other side is falling aside and he believes it’s allowing Enzo in order to wreck havoc on him or her. Damon begins to chat loudly looking forward to Enzo’s reply, Enzo wants him or her while the ghost, Caroline says it doesn’t make sense because if Enzo planned to destroy Elena, drowning the lady wouldn’t have worked, Enzo informs one the woman is wise in which he see why it for example the lady such, they cannot pay attention to Enzo, and Caroline continues advising you to definitely on realizes that Enzo was only seeking to distract them which he determined a means so you can destroy all of them in one dropped swoop. Damon, Stefan and you may Caroline walk out onto the front porch and understand one to Luke is finished.