I’d a good crow -buddy a few years ago

. might get somewhat near to your, indeed. He was a smartiepants. I have chickens in which he attempted tirelessly to find out just how to open up the brand new coop so you’re able to discount the new eggs. Remaining me personally perception very much accustomed Lol

Next a friend said he’s something such as Facial Recognition App with the intention that it crow Knows it’s me personally. Together with that their youngsters also know me, that we see therefore unbelievable!

And instead of some, you chat room in el salvador can find around three – dos huge, that less

Many thanks – I came across a way to my personal question. Last week, We noticed crows building a colony in the woods about my household. I live in a city – first time We have ever viewed it! As you strongly recommend, so it must be a fledgling out-of last year who’s got still-living which have The parents. I’ve a remaining handbag of cat dining (the latest high priced posts) my personal indoor cats would not consume – I shall is providing they to my crow family members!

my personal kid and i were facing our house good 24 months ago and you can an effective crow said « hello » to and fro with our team a lot of times.

Higher article, crows have become interesting and smart. I had a colony history springtime exterior my apartment balcony, to make certain that are a good time. This building installed anti crow spikes then, additionally the crows returned and you will was able to tear her or him aside and hit them off 10 flooring lower than, lol. Perhaps not a straightforward feat!

They returned and place nesting topic in some spots however, In my opinion the brand new surges need produced him or her feel it put grew to become harmful. Too bad since it is extremely fun to possess her or him around to watch

That one crow extremely liked my yardl He spotted me personally chase the fresh squirrels outside of the right back bird feeder, and decided however occupy the task. You will find a picture of your sitting on the newest rooftop away from the back dated wooden destroyed, leaned over toward the brand new feeder and you may nearly intimidating, squawking on squirrel when in brand new feeder. very precious!

The bunny got kept and crows returned to test to find how to get the fresh bunnies but could not flow the safety

My a few crows will let me come within this 5 foot regarding them. I’m extremely conflicted envision as the we have sold the house and you may might possibly be leaving within thirty days. Who’ll feed both of these? I shall get off a bag out-of peanuts or kibble in their mind, towards the fresh new citizens, but I’m alarmed which they wouldn’t test the latest crows such as I really do.

Huge fan ones wise birds, but they are ruthless in certain factors. I was which have a beer on the back platform once mowing this new yard that nights and you can seen lots of commotion from inside the my personal neighbors yard. You will find a scout crow on a forest branch getting in touch with so you can his friends and family. That crow showed up from the, endured toward department if you will and fell down seriously to the bottom of the fresh new forest. The fresh new lawn are much time but I will see that he was which have difficulty catching one thing, that have dropped the small brown animal double. I was thinking they’d found an area mouse possibly. You to definitely crow were able to pick it up and travelled away from, nevertheless are larger than a mouse. Other crow appeared by next and you can swooped down seriously to the exact same area. A rabbit arrived not having enough the new shrubbery and you may tried to assault the fresh new crow! I came across it was a beneficial rabbits nest and you may went over, obtaining crows to fly away. The fresh rabbit endured it’s soil. I went household and got this new wire “inbox” to own records of my desk and set it along side rabbit gap that have a rock on the top. Each and every morning right before start I would put the coverage over the opening. Every evening I might take it off, ahead of black because the rabbits supply its young in the evening by resting over the opening therefore the bunnies get access to their erect nipples. She are discreet and that i wasn’t Previously able to see the woman eating. Shortly after 14 days or more I happened to be worried your bunnies did not survive because the gap did actually don’t have a lot of interference regarding mornings. My personal next-door neighbor leftover an eye out also and you can said that he envision they might has passed too. You to definitely nights about an hour or so ahead of dark We returned of golf and you can noticed mom hanging out from the “inbox” since 3 bunnies frolicked in the. They were much bigger than an excellent crow you’ll consume in the this aspect and that i got the safety away. The fresh crows today dislike me and cam all sorts of garbage to help you me and my personal dog throughout my community. Often they tree an effective hawk in my own yard and if We go out observe all disturbance is focused on, they fly-away instantly. This new hawks are happy although.